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How to Politely Delete Facebook Friends

Have too many Facebook friends? Do you know how to filter out “friends” that you don’t want to follow so closely without offending them? Nicholas Carlson in his recent post for Silicon Alley Insider provides an eight step approach to do just that. You can read his entire article “How to Filter out Facebook “Friends” “ here.

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Listening to Your Customer

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“There are still too few companies that make the most of their customer relationships, whether by gaining product and customer insight from customer feedback or by realizing the full revenue potential of their customers,” reported Jeremy Nedelka in the March 2, 2009 issue of 1 to 1 Weekly in the article “Turninig Customer Voices Into Revenue.”

In the article, Nedelka writes that according to a recent report by the CMO Council less than40 percent of companies collect customer feedback more than annually while the rest rely on customer satisfaction surveys and ignore tools available to them via the Web to listen to what their customers are saying.

By ignoring the conversations going on online via message boards, blogs and other social networking groups, marketers are missing a significant opportunity to understand their customers. And without an ongoing dialog, customers are left feeling that they do not have a good relationship with the company.

How are you listening to your customers’ conversations on the Web? How are you responding to your customers?