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Calculating Twitter’s ROI

Pete Blackshaw is exec VP of Nielsen Online Digital Strategic Services and author of “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000”.

Have you tried to calculate your organization’s Twitter ROI?

Getting Started on Twitter

As I mentioned in my last post, in the last month almost any conversation I have had with my colleagues and even family members seems to quickly turn to Twitter. You have probably noticed that as well especially after Obama’s speech this week when some of our elected officials were caught “tweeting” on their cell phones.

There seems to be two camps: those that are using Twitter and love it and those that may have checked it out briefly and think it is stupid. I have to admit, back in the spring when I first signed up,  I was in the later camp. But, after using Twitter for a while now,  I admit I find it interesting and fun to use as well as a great way to engage people you might never meet.

Twitter Pack
Creative Commons License photo credit: carrotcreative

So, if you are interested in getting started on Twitter or refining your Twitter knowledge, you might be interested in “10 Tips on being a good Twitterer” from CNN.com.

1. Be yourself, but beware. Say whatever you feel like saying, but remember that whatever you write could exist in the digital universe forever. Proceed with extreme caution.

2. Don’t be afraid to interact with others. If you like something they say, reply by clicking the little grey arrow that appears when you hover over one of their tweets.

I was intrigued with tip 4 which led to a Google article search which led to a question I posed on both LinkedIn and Twitter.  Within several hours I was flooded with a number of responses. I’ll tell you in my next post where the answers came from and what advice I was given.

Do you have any Twitter tips to share?