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Top Environmental, Green, and Clean Tech Must Read Publications: In Honor of Earth Day

Today is the 39th annual celebration of Earth Day. Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and is intended as a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack

In honor of Earth Day, I am releasing the answers today of the following two questions I recently posed to three of my LinkedIn groups:

What are the three most critical environmental, green, and clean tech publications that you read each week and why? What reporters get this space?

Based on the LinkedIn responses, the top publications are:


Mother Nature Network


Yahoo! Green

The Huffington Post Green

Solar Daily

Solar Buzz

Greentech Media

Solar Plaza

Photon International

Gunther Portfolio

Bloomberg Environment

Technology Review

NY Times Dot Earth Blog

Clean The Official JRSE Blog

Clean Edge

Clean Tech Blog



Natural Resources Defense Council


The Week

VB/Research’s CleanTech & Renewable Energy weekly pipeline report

New Energy Finance

Renewable Energy World

New York Times Green Inc. Blog

Clean Techies

Got 2 Be Green

Three reporters were cited by the respondents as getting this space and they are: Matt Wald and Andrew Revkin of the New York Times and Mike Casey of AP. I also received a great deal of input and insight from Jeff Kart, an environmental reporter and blogger for the Bay City Times.

Any other outlets or reporters that should be on the list?