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Jason Chen, APPLE, and the iPhone caper. Blogger versus Journalist? Shield Laws? Who decides? #Journchat

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Since the Apple stolen iPhone caper story broke a little over a week ago headlining Jason Chen, an editor at Gizmodo, there have been more questions raised over a multitude of issues than answers. Did Apple really send employees to search the home of the college kid who found the phone? Did Gizmodo’s Chen break any laws or just commit good journalism as asked by Warren Olney during his conversation last week with Kim Zetter a reporter with Wired magazine and Peter Scheer, the executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition? Was the search of Chen’s home legal? Was the seizure of his ‘work” including computer, phones, electronic records , correspondence and possible records of sources legal? Will sources now have serious misgivings when talking with reporters in the future? Is Chen a blogger or is he a reporter? Does he have different rights depending on whether he is reporter or blogger? Who gets to decide who is a journalist? And finally has Apple turned to the dark side as asked by Jon Stewart? Those are just a few of my questions. What are yours?