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YouTube Sensation Susan Boyle; Power of Social Media

One week ago today Susan Boyle was an unknown 47 year old woman from Scotland. Today she is a world wide household name whose YouTube singing clip from Britain’s Got Talent has been viewed nearly 50 million times. How did this happen?

We love you just as you are
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gilberto Viciedo

According to Ian Young of BBC News:

“It is the story of a talent unearthed, but that does not fully explain why she has become such a sensation.

Boyle has shattered prejudices about the connection between age, appearance and talent. She has proved that you don’t have to be young and glamorous to be talented, and recognised as such.

The YouTube millions have cheered on the underdog, and seen in her the possibilities for their own hopes and dreams.”

The power of talent, dreams, word of mouth, and YouTube.