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President Obama Pledges DREAM Act Not Over: Calls Failure of Legislation “Biggest Disappointment”

Today President Obama  pledged the “DREAM Act” was not over because “it is the right thing to do”. On December 7, 2010 I moderated a chat on Twitter  and discussed whether the Senate should pass the DREAM Act. Perhaps what was most interesting to me were the conversations I had with #CollegeChat participants the day following the chat. I came to realize that a number of attendees were hesitant to share their thoughts on the “DREAM Act” in public. What became clear to me is how charged this proposed legislation has become to the point that if you feel strongly one way or other you may be afraid to stand up for your beliefs publicly. The “DREAM Act” has become another polarized issue where the facts don’t seem to matter. This “dream” for so many illegal immigrant children will now have to wait a bit longer.