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Social Media Scholar to Discuss Using Twitter to Improve College Student Engagement and Grades

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa

Dr. Rey Junco, a social media scholar and associate professor at Lock Haven University, will discuss how to use Twitter to improve college student engagement and grades during  #CollegeChat on Twitter on March 1,  2011 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

During #CollegeChat, Junco (http://twitter.com/reyjunco) will discuss findings from a recent study he co-authored “The effect of Twitter on college student engagement and grades” with attendees including:

  • Does Twitter encourage cooperation among students
  • Does  Twitter improve contact between students and faculty
  • Whether Twitter promotes active learning and why is this important
  • Can Twitter help build a strong learning community
  • How does using Twitter show a respect for diversity

Junco investigates the impact of emerging technologies on college students. His investigations concentrate on how social media affect student psychosocial development, engagement, and success. His research has focused on informing best practices in technology use with students in the areas of advising, student affairs, and teaching. Through research findings, Rey has shown that technology, especially social media like Facebook and Twitter, can be repurposed in order to improve educational outcomes. He is especially interested in examining the digital divide– differences in the ownership and use of technology by members of underrepresented groups.

About #CollegeChat

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