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Coach for ADD and ADHD to Discuss How Teens with Attention Related Challenges Can Prepare Successfully for College on #CollegeChat

Laura Rolands, founder of LSR Coaching and Consulting and also the web site MyAttentionCoach.com, will provide teens, parents, and educators dealing with students with attention related challenges including ADD and ADHD, with strategies they can deploy to help ensure success with college admissions on #CollegeChat on Twitter on October 19, 2010 at 6 pm Pacific/ 9 pm Eastern, Theresa Smith, principal of Pathway Communications (http://pathwaypr.com)  and moderator of #CollegeChat announced today.

During #CollegeChat, Rolands, ( http://twitter.com/CoachforADHD)  will discuss what high school students with attention related challenges should do to prepare for college admissions and academic success including:

  • Learn how to self-advocate
  • Learn the organization and time management tools that work
  • Research colleges that offer suitable accommodations for learning challenges
  • Make sure to have diagnostic testing results updated throughout high school
  • Find out how to request special accommodations for taking standardized tests including the SAT and ACT
  • Disclose attention related challenges to prospective colleges
  • Increase independence for high school students is critical for college success
  • Connect with prospective colleges disability services offices

Laura Rolands is the founder of LSR Coaching and Consulting, LLC. She is a coach whose passion is to support, lead and inspire independence and success for people who have either been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or who are facing other attention-related challenges. Her clients include individuals with attention challenges such as time management, organization, focus and/or ADHD/ADDs.  Laura has been featured on Making a Living with Maggie Mistal on Sirius/XM radio and recognized as an ADHD expert by OrganizedWisdom.com.

New to Twitter?

In order to participate in the chat, attendees will need to have a Twitter account.  To sign up for a Twitter account, go to http:// twitter.com. The easiest way to follow the chat is to use TweetChat (http://tweetchat.com). Simply log in to TweetChat with your Twitter information (email or username followed by password) and then enter in CollegeChat without the “#” and you will be placed into the chat room with only those participating in #CollegeChat. More detailed information about signing up for Twitter and using TweetChat can be found at http://pathwaypr.com/how-to-participate-in-a-twitter-chat .

About #CollegeChat

#CollegeChat is a live bi-monthly conversation intended for teens, college students, parents, and higher education experts on Twitter. #CollegeChat takes place on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6 pm Pacific/ 9 pm Eastern. Questions for each #CollegeChat edition can be sent to Theresa Smith, the moderator of #CollegeChat via http://Twitter.com/collegechat , by entering questions online on the CollegeChat Facebook page at http://ht.ly/1XIqV , or by email. CollegeChat can also be found on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/collegechat .