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Transcript: College Students’ Mental Health Issues & AD/HD

Recognizing Mental Health and Learning Disability Issues in College Students on May 3, 2011 #CollegeChat

Dr. Susan Fletcher, Ph.D., a practicing psychologist and expert in the fields of AD/HD, learning disabilities, emotional intelligence and relationships, will discuss how to recognize common mental health disorders, including depression and alcohol use, as well as learning disabilities that exhibit for the first time during college, on #CollegeChat, Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Dr. Fletcher is the founder of Fletcher & Associates Psychological Services, P.A.

During #CollegeChat, Dr. Fletcher, http://twitter.com/#!/SmartZonePhD , will discuss with attendees:

  • What are the most common psychological issues to show up in college students?
  • Why do these issues present during college? Are there specific triggers?
  • Why is there in increase in depression and anxiety disorders in college?
  • Are colleges equipped to deal with these disorders? How can students get help?
  • Why is there an increase in college age suicides? What can be done to prevent them?
  • Are self-injurious behaviors also on the rise?  What are the symptoms?
  • Is AD/HD increasing in college aged students? Why does it appear for the first time for some while in college?
  • How can students get tested for AD/HD if they suspect that they might have it?
  • How can AD/HD be managed effectively?

Susan Fletcher, Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist and expert in the field of AD/HD, learning disabilities, emotional intelligence and relationships. Susan began her education at the University of Florida where she earned her undergraduate degree in Health and Human Performance.  She then went on to earn a Masters in Counseling Psychology and her Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University.  After a few years in private practice, Susan switched gears to work with Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) as a litigation specialist on high-profile cases, assisting in the production of mock trials, preparing expert witnesses and assisting in jury selection.  Susan is a frequent television news program guest and is quoted frequently in national magazines.  She has been in private practice for almost 20 years. Dr. Fletcher is using the innovative Quotient ADHD System to aid in the diagnosis and management of AD/HD in her patients.  The Quotient is the first FDA-cleared objective test for ADHD.

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